Para π Trees

The Gamification of 5115 trees for fundraising in the Cryptoverse. Involving digital art, NFT, software development, recreative mathematics, tree hugging, collectables, and royalty fees. This is a proof of concept that the NFTs can drive higher purposes than just “money minting”

What is a Para π Tree? 

It’s a "fractal tree design” made by an algorithm applying a generalization of Pythagoras’s Theorem, with an utsukushii  look. If you want to know more about the algorithm and our motivation, follow this link.

There are endless possible designs for the trees, just like real life trees, but we are just minting 5,115. Because our math guy likes that number. Each tree has a different index that represents its probability of minting. The lower the number, the better the tree.

Generalization of Pythagoras’s Theorem 

The original model of Pythagorean trees is limited produces a tree that doesn't necessarily look all that natural. Nature doesn’t follow the pattern as the classical model of the Pythagoreans Trees. That’s why we go beyond the triangle and create Pythagoras’s Polygons. With this new structure the brunches can split in more than two, following a more natural path.

A Utsukushii Look 

Yep! No doubt about it.  Meaning of Utsukushii

What exactly is going on here? 

Here is the deal. Each time a tree is traded/flipped/hodl we plant a tree with Trees for the Future in your name. And also I will personally go into to my garden and say hello to the flowers or hug a tree. Depending on my mood of the day. This algorithm was born from the joy of mathematics and to make something interesting. This forces us to connect ourselves to nature through blockchain.

How do I get a Para π Tree? 

Feeling lucky? You can grab one from our drop campaigns. You can also bid for trees at OpenSea, and you definitely should. Because that’s the whole point. We want to do as much tree hugging and tree planting as possible. Its about the trees!

Where are the images stored? 

On Opensea

Are the trees ERC-721 tokens? 

Nope they are ERC-1125 tokens. A new standard for NFTs, more complete and easier for development.

Do you charge any fees for transactions? 

Yep, 10% of royalty, to finance our tree hugging/planting campaigns.