Spiegel Portraits

Spiegel Portraits are not a traditional image of someones appearance, but rather a picture into the persons atmosphere or a feeling that someone gives. It's a quality not normally sensed through the sights. Our first NFT collection of portraits

What are Spiegel Portraits?


Spiegel Portraits are real world portraits painted by artist, Irene Spiegel, American artist know for her creative portraits and use of gouache on mylar. Each portrait is backed by Etheruem. Most paintings are visible presentation of the "vibe" of the person represented. Every portrait has a profile page that shows ownership/for-sale status


How do I get a Spiegel Portrait?


The Artist will gift a certain number of portraits. Some paintings will be up on OpenSea. And finally you can commission directly from OOO Studio Lab. One sitting is necessary for the painting. There are surprises during the sitting. Also hope you like tea and a good game of cards.


How to order a commissioned portrait?


Currently the artist is accepting commission. One sitting is need with the artist. Commissioned pieced are also backed in Ethereum blockchain. You will receive the real world painting to hang on your wall as well as a digital version with a certification of authenticity for tracking ownership of the piece of art on blockchain wallet.  

Order commission